About - Buyonik

In recent years, the way we do business has changed. 

In the last 12 months, this process has accelerated. More and more consumers are changing the way they shop. Manufacturers and merchants must quickly adapt if they want to maintain or increase their market share. To do so, manufacturers must sell to consumers through a new distribution network. A more direct network, with adjusted profit margins, that allows consumers to save money and thus encourage volume to expand.

That's who we are: the creators of a brand new online store that aims to make quality products available to consumers at prices lower than the market, while ensuring that the wealth is distributed fairly between manufacturers and merchants.

In addition to promoting our Canadian manufacturers abroad, we support local merchants to help them through the changes that are shaking up our economy and modifying consumer habits around the world.

Our system is unique, we share profits more fairly through our unique redistribution system. Up to 80% of our profits are given back to the community: up to 70% to merchants and 10% to businessmen and women from around the world who are generous enough to share their network so that we can give back to the consumer the place they deserve by offering them good products at excellent prices. These entrepreneurs are also willing to give back by sharing their knowledge and expertise with aspiring entrepreneurs to make them the next generation of economic value creators in their communities.

Be part of a group of manufacturers, merchants, entrepreneurs and consumers who want to make a difference by doing business differently.